About Grow Impact


Grow Impact is created to give you as startup/scale up investor a chance to learn more about impact investment. Through events and seminars, we will help you gain valuable knowledge about impact investing and meet fellow investors with interest in the topic. We will also host events and seminars targeting startups who are building a purpose driven business in the green/impact area.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire you and help you understand why impact investment isn’t just philanthropy but actually a great opportunity for business with multiple bottom-lines.  

Grow Impact has an ambition to grow the number of investors interested in impact investing. We host activities, educational seminars, and do research that will help accelerate the numbers of impact investments made in Denmark.

Grow Impact is also created to help companies and startups, who have chosen a business focus within the impact arena, grow and attract capital for further growth.

Impact investing challenges the traditional view

Impact investing challenges the traditional view; that social and environmental issues is to be addressed by philanthropic donations, and that market investments should focus on achieving financial returns.

Impact investors have proven investment strategies that not only focuses on the financial returns but also social and environmental growth while achieving great business results.

While some investors have been making impact investments for decades, it’s still a new field for many – which we aim to change.